A journey of self-discovery through Martial Arts.

Welcome to Kilian Academy

An academy is an exclusive society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists or scientists, which aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field.

Kilian Academy is a Martial Arts Academy in Owen Sound. We study Martial Arts as a lifestyle of self-improvement. An adventure with others to embody the warrior code.


He who conquers himself, need not conquer others.

Congratulations on making the first step towards an adventure of self-discovery. A journey towards a deeper understanding of yourself and others, through the discipline of martial arts. Kilian Academy draws different people from across the world together. Although we all have our own reasons to congregate at the Academy, we do so to realize the same goal: Self-discovery through conquest of oneself.

In as much as we understand that life offers numerous opportunities for self-improvement, discipline and focus are central to success. At Kilian Academy, we offer one of life’s most challenging disciplines, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). And as Roy Dean states, ‘this journey requires humility, perseverance, flexibility, awareness, and sensitivity’.

There are no shortcuts in life and even more so when embarking on a BJJ-adventure. Only through rigorous training, you will develop the aforementioned attributes and many more. Not only will you increase in physical strength and proprioception, but will grow in confidence and a centred awareness of yourself and those around you.

You will be exposed to effective techniques that will challenge your aggression and self-preservation. You are responsible to maintain control at all times and refrain in feeding your pride. Like most things in life, you require partners and BJJ is no difference. Those you share the mat with will become ‘family’ and will assist in pulling, pushing and guiding you towards self-discovery. You will shed sweat and blood together and on occasion a couple of tears. You will not be able to grow without your ‘family’, so respect your training partners and take care of them.

Martial Arts is a microcosm that encapsulates a symbiotic relationship of self-growth. Celebrate the growth of teammates and your progress is intertwined with theirs. Be patient with yourself and others and I will guarantee that you will develop and grow towards the person you set out to discover. Be honest with yourself and others.

We all started this journey years ago and had to tie our own white belts numerous times. And truth be told, you will never learn so much about yourself as you will do during your white belt season. With enthusiasm, we await you to join us, for we want to share in your growth.

Abrie JF Kilian





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