Seminar Report

MISSISSAUGA – On the 19th of January 2020, saw the inauguration of 20/20 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, by one of Canada’s BJJ-Champions: Thomas Beach. Beach, the first Canadian to be crowned IBJJF Gi World Champion, launched 20/20 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at his club in Mississauga, Ontario.

Who is Thomas Beach?

Beach is better known as the main character in the documentary that bears his name: ‘The Reconstruction of Thomas Beach’. However, his BJJ-game is world-class. When Beach steps on the mats, you can feel that you are in the presence of a World Champion. His 31-year-old demeanour is that of a seasoned ‘Silverback’, and at 6’2’’ weighing in at 250 pounds. Beach has what it takes to tear you apart. A Second Degree Black Belt under Xande Ribeiro and Jorge Britto, Thomas was coached by the best in the world.


Featured several times in Gracie Mag, skills taught by Thomas was precise. His game is clear, with emphasis is on both discomfort and downward pressure. The techniques for the day revolved around the principle made famous by Xande Ribeiro, once again echoing his BJJ-lineage. During the seminar, you cannot help feel that Beach is aware that he doesn’t have enough time to share his wealth of knowledge. White Belts may on occasion feel lost trying to navigate the maze of information. However, BJJ-veterans will easily indulge in the buffet that Thomas has to offer. From the manner, he coaches it is evident that he was one of the top competitors and coaches at Toronto BJJ.


His club is quaint, ready to be serious about nothing other than BJJ and what Thomas has to teach. Beach loves to travel and schedule privates with athletes, boasting a respectable list of privates. He frequently travels to host BJJ-seminars around Ontario and the United States.


In conclusion: With Thomas Beach at the centre of 20/20 BJJ, its humble inauguration is just the beginning. For serious competitors, having Thomas Beach as a consultant is priceless. Arranging a set of privates with Thomas is an absolute must. For the hobbyist, Thomas will mould you into a serious hobbyist. His manner of analyzing body types and subsequently coaching tailored techniques is laudable, overshadowed only by his passion for sharing the art.


Kilian Academy head instructor, Abrie Kilian, was invited by Thomas Beach, to attend the 20/20 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Inauguration.


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