Seminar Report

PORT ELGIN – From the 19th till the 21st of July 2019, saw Topp Performance host the Second Behring Summer Training Camp.

Attendees from Montreal and Toronto, part of the Sylvio Behring Association, travelled to Port Elgin to gather under the instruction of the man that behrs the name. A couple of Kilian Academy students were also in attendance.

Sylvio Behring

Sylvio Behring, a red and black coral belt since 2008, started his martial arts journey in 1966 at the age of four. A black belt in both BJJ (1984) and Judo (unknown), Master Behring’s experience is evident. Master Behring controls the mats like a Renaissance artist at work- precise and efficient. His techniques are like brush strokes, colouring the grey minds of those in attendance. Achieving a solid base in both Tachi-Waza (Standing Techniques) and Ne-Waza (Ground Techniques) was the focus of Master Behring instruction. Most of his instruction revolved around securing and maintaining a solid base.

Et Al

Professor Pedro Albuquerque (Brazucanuck Behring Jiu-Jitsu), a Paediatric Radiologist from Montreal and fourth-degree BJJ-black belt under Master Behring, complimented to the seminar with academic, precise instruction.

Affiliate black belts, Jesse Richardson (Matador BJJ Academy), Richard Hughes (Stonecutter Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Gregg King (King Jiu-Jitsu) and Christopher Ronald (Matador BJJ Academy), all shared techniques over the weekend.

Old School

Master Behring delightfully colonised the mats with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu etiquette. His insistence that belt ranks be tied to the left reminded one of Old-School Jiu-Jitsu.  Ten push-ups were awarded to anyone with hand on their hips or standing arms crossed. The gringo-antidote.


Like most affiliate gatherings, the camp felt like a family reunion. A gathering of those sharing a common interest.

Port Elgin played its part and added some malagueta to the mix. Averaging at about 30°C (86°F) and humidity at roughly 90% over the weekend, Port Elgin emanated Rio de Janeiro during February. Each day saw some practitioners forced to rotate gis.

In conclusion, the Second Behring Summer Training Camp is a 4-star BJJ-buffet for all BJJ-practitioners. Its a value for money BJJ-camp that will guarantee to satisfy your BJJ-hunger for a few months.


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