“I’ve got 4 kids in Kilian right now. It’s been a great experience. Abrie is awesome with the kids, firm but fun and a great teacher they feel comfortable with. They’ve learned so much in a short time and it’s all through play and games and rolling around but with a great purpose. They learn to use their brain and body together to defend themselves in fun ways. I wish I had learned this as a kid, I know it would’ve given me more confidence as an adult! First class is free, highly recommend.”

-Amanda Doyle

“This place is shaping up to be a beautiful facility, I’m excited to see the changes every week! My son is enjoying training jiu-jitsu with Abrie and I have seen improvement in his focus, confidence and coordination already. Abrie himself is gentle but firm, skilled and professional, a great teacher.”

-Bonita Spanninga


“Abrie is such an encouraging and knowledgeable instructor! I knew that I’d found my BJJ-home when I attended my first class at Kilian Academy. I love attending classes and Open Mat- everyone is so welcoming and friendly! Being part of Kilian Academy is a highlight of my week!”

-Christeena Nienhuis

“In March of 2019 I started BJJ training with Kilian Academy. My experience here has been awesome. The coaching is first class and the members are incredibly respectful. I have found BJJ to be a very humbling martial art. From my previous martial arts experience, BJJ is one of the most practical arts based on the techniques being fully tested on a regular basis.”

-Brad Robertson

“I found myself caught up in the daily grind, not taking the time and effort to develop myself. I chose to change that and started training with Abrie at the Kilian Academy. I became acutely aware of something I had been missing in life and am drawn back more and more to the martial art he teaches there. The classes are challenging yet rewarding, my fellow students are welcoming and helpful, and Abrie’s teaching method is one of patience and precision.”

-Dominic Nolan

“My experience with Kilian Academy has been extremely positive. In all of my years with different clubs, I have never been in such a positive environment. Not only is the teaching professional and knowledgeable, but there is a feeling of equality shared between the students, regardless of skill level. The complete lack of any ego is something I have never experienced before. It is truly a great learning experience.”

-Jessie Buckland

“I’ve been a member now for just a little over two weeks and I am absolutely hooked! Great instructor/coach, Abrie is very encouraging and very patient. The people in this class are amazing, very helpful and encouraging. They make someone with no previous experience feel right at home. This is not the class for any wannabe street fighters. The is a class of people that have come to better themselves through hard work and learning. Highly recommended!”

-Dave Lyle

“Abrie is a talented, motivated and patient coach who makes sure that you grow with every class. Kilian Academy empowers a space where in students can feel safe while focusing on the refinement of their abilities and strengths. I would definitely recommend Kilian Academy as a BJJ Academy to anyone who is seeking self-improvement.”

-Jolene Smit

“From the first time I inquired Abrie was welcoming and enthusiastic. My short period of training has been excellent. As a newcomer I have been treated with the upmost respect and have been given the patience to learn. I can’t thank Abrie as well as the group enough for the start to my Bjj journey. It feels like a family atmosphere from the very beginning. If you have been considering training I would highly recommend Killian!! Thank you Abrie.”

-Dave Fretz

“I really enjoyed my experience in Kilian Academy! Abrie is a very knowledgeable, patient and I think the most important encouraging teacher! If you are at all interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I highly suggest you give it a try! The academy’s online registration for your free class is simple to use! Thank you for the great classes Abrie!”

-Trevor Klerks

“Abrie was extremely welcoming to a me, a fellow practitioner, visiting the area. His teaching style is very methodical, with a solid warm up and well thought out curriculum. Finished up with some great rolls – absolutely no ego on the mats. All in all, a great experience.”

-Bill Stoyles (Visiting Black Belt from Robson Moura Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association)

“Great leadership, outstanding professionalism, and a world class facility in its infancy. Awesome core group of training partners, led by Abrie, who in his humble demeanour, extracts the best out of each of his students. I consider myself very fortunate to have had our paths crossed.”

-Trevor Hunt

“Great place to learn martial arts! The Jujutsu classes are very welcoming to all skill levels.”

-Liam Hunt

“Amazing academy! Best place to get your weekly chokes in and definitely getting choked.

Was like my second home and couldn’t wait to train each day. The Coach, Abrie, is also an amazing and highly driven person that has been very active in the progress of the sport. Always helpful, friendly and professional when it came to new students and experienced grapplers.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or redefine their skills.”

-Charl Beukes (2013-2017)

”I was 32 years of age when I started my BJJ-journey. I was overweight and very lazy. I quit smoking two years earlier and unfortunately I started eating and gaining weight to the point of weighing in at 105 kg.

My body told me that I needed to make changes to my lifestyle, and was drawn to a local BJJ Facebook add. I visited the earlier Kilian Academy, were space was shared with the local gymnastics club. I was introduced to BJJ-students moving in ways I never considered trying.

The following class I wanted to experience BJJ myself and found myself taking the second step to an adventure that would change my life forever. My body cringed trying to move in a manner it was not used to. It was tough and challenging, but I survived my first class. Following the official class, I continued to participate in openmat and tapped to my fellow students performing a pressure pass from side control. I lasted 30 seconds, but I was instantly addicted. The following day, my body was bruised, sore and stiff and from that moment I learned that the pain never really subsides.

A couple of classes later and we moved to our brand new facility. A facility with more space and a place to be proud of. Abrie, the head instructor at Kilian Academy, introduced me to a standard that I have not yet seen matched by any other club I have trained at. Everything about the Academy was tailored around a quest for zero defect. A drive to be the best, without sacrificing your humanity. The Academy taught me to be proud, strong and to conquer myself. It was more than just a club, it was home away from home and everyone at the Academy became my family. I lost 25 kgs in my first 3 months. I shed blood, sweat and tears, but I never shed those alone. I was part of 4 official BJJ-gradings at the Academy, of which I was one of them. Our three-month preparation to assist others and be assisted to achieve my rank introduced me the warrior within myself. My grading was the most challenging thing I have done in my life to date.

I was very sad on relocating to New Zealand and leave Kilian Academy. My wish is to once again roll with my friend and great instructor (Abrie Kilian).

Five years later, I’m a 3 stripe blue belt still training, with black being my favourite colour.”

-Justin Gough (2013-2017)

”I was a kickboxing and BJJ-student at Kilian Academy for 4 years, under the instruction of Sensai Abrie. He holds a black belt in both karate and kickboxing, as well as a purple belt in BJJ. Believe me when I say, he kicks like a ninja.

Fresh from completing high school, I started off at the Academy as a young teenager with a bad attitude, believing I am indestructible.

I was quickly brought down to earth. Looking back today, entering those doors was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Abrie is this soft-hearted person, always smiling and establishing that feeling with you that you have known him your whole life. He makes you feel that you want to be on the mats and that you belong on the mats. His favourite quote is, “I want all my students to be better than I am.”

On completing my green patch grading for Kickboxing, Abrie came up to me, shook my hand and said: “you are officially a better boxer than I am.” His words shot through me and forced a tear from my eyes. Abrie is always willing to listen and help where he can, no matter on or off the mats. He exerts a strange combination of friendliness and strict discipline. His approach is way more successful than elegant speeches and firm slaps. His authority on the mats is absolute and well maintained throughout a training session, and consistent towards both new and old students.

Abrie is a brilliant instructor and will never boast about his abilities as a MMA-fighter. Despite his deep knowledge of martial arts, he will always entertain your fantasy MMA-techniques and somehow guide it towards an effective combination catered for your style.

I left Kilian Academy due to employment relocation, however left the Academy a far better and mature person. A person that has grown to respect both himself and others, from simply being trained by the most dangerous peace-loving person I have met in my life.”

-Heinrich Matthee (2013-2017)


Chris Venter

In May 2012, Chris Venter started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as one of the core students at Kilian Academy, Vryheid (South Africa). Within a short period of time, Chris became Abrie Kilian’s preferred training partner and together competed in numerous BJJ-tournaments throughout South Africa. In 2014, Chris was promoted to Senpai and instructed the youth program at the Academy. Chris was awarded his blue belt in December of 2019, the first blue belt at Kilian Academy. After Kilian relocated to Canada in 2017, the Academy was renamed Rio Grappling Vryheid, where Venter still continues to share the art of BJJ as owner and head instructor.

Justin Gough

In October 2012, Justin Gough started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Kilian Academy. Justin competed in numerous BJJ-tournaments through South Africa and was awarded his blue belt in February 2016, the third blue belt at Kilian Academy. In 2016, Justin was promoted to Senpai. Justin relocated to New Zealand in March 2017 and continues his adventure in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Axis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Christchurch.

Charl Beukes

In July 2012, Charl Beukes started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shortly after Kilian Academy was officially opened to the public on the 3rd of July 2012. Charl competed in numerous BJJ-tournaments throughout South Africa. In 2014, Charl was promoted to Senpai. Charl was awarded his blue belt in December 2019, the second blue belt at Kilian Academy.

Bertus Venter

Bertus Venter started his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey in January 2015 at Kilian Academy. Bertus received his blue belt in January 2017, the fourth blue belt at Kilian Academy.

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